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Guild of Mindful Driver Trainers

Embark on a transformative journey with The Calm Side's Mindfulness and Compassion Courses, specifically tailored for Driver and Rider Trainers. Upon completion, you'll gain exclusive membership to the Guild of Mindful Driver Trainers, allowing you to showcase the Guild's branding on your social media and advertising platforms. This distinction sets you apart from other ADIs enhancing your professional profile.

Become a Member of the Guild of Mindful Driver Trainers

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Course Overview

Our course delves into the scientific and practical aspects of mindfulness, offering tools to enhance resilience and resourcefulness, not only in your professional role as an ADI but also in everyday life. The curriculum, shaped by extensive experience and an ADI Focus Group, addresses the following key challenges. 


Each session includes grounding practices, group learning, and meditation, allowing you to embody mindfulness and compassion in your lessons and share these skills with your pupils.

Discover new methods to manage and prevent discomfort from long hours of sitting and driving.

Physical Pain Management

Learn the art and science of meditation, including when and how to use mindfulness-based interventions.

Meditation Mastery

Explore neuroscience and brain chemistry to better understand and support your pupils, and yourself.

Understanding Human Behaviour

Learn practical ways to develop self-compassion, a vital tool for avoiding burnout and enhancing your ability to support others.

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Understand the connection between thought processes and suffering, and how meditation can influence this dynamic.

Addressing Suffering

Learn to recognise and respond to physical signs of stress for better emotional regulation.

Emotional Management and Stress

Benefits of Becoming a Guild Member

As a Guild member, you'll stand out in a crowded field having invested in Mindfulness and Compassion training. This distinction is increasingly sought after by pupils and parallels the mindfulness training offered in educational settings. You'll receive the Guild's membership branding package for use in your marketing efforts, further enhancing your professional appeal.

Course Efficacy

Our 9-hour, 6-session course has demonstrated remarkable success in reducing stress and anxiety, boosting emotional intelligence, and potentially enhancing overall well-being in both instructors and pupils. The mindfulness-based approach leads to more resilient instructors and confident, supported pupils. Click here to find out more.

Young man learning to drive

How We Help Learner Drivers

Our courses cater to both learner drivers and full license holders. The Mindful approach addresses the heightened anxiety levels in learner drivers, making the learning process more efficient and cost-effective. By managing their own stress, instructors can create a more conducive learning environment, reducing anxiety and fostering positive mindsets in their pupils.


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