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Case Study: The Calm Side's Impact on E G Carter & Co

Photo of San Harper at the Driver Development Workshop with E G Carter and Co Ltd


E G Carter and Co Ltd, a prominent construction company in the southwest of England, encountered typical issues that arise in a high-pressure industry: employee stress and concerns regarding road safety for those driving for work. They recognised the necessity for a holistic approach to driver development and well-being solutions and subsequently collaborated with The Calm Side to create a customised Driver Development and Wellbeing program.


The primary objective entailed updating knowledge on speed limits and other modifications to the Highway Code, whilst also acknowledging the profound influence our emotions have on our attitudes towards road safety and the acceptance of risks.


We designed a comprehensive mindfulness program, including:

  • Weekly Mindfulness Workshops: On-site sessions focusing on Road Safety and Mindset techniques.

  • Mindfulness for Road Safety: Tailored modules to enhance knowledge, focus and awareness, crucial for road safety.

  • Printed Resources: Attendees completed a workbook during the course so they came away with key information to remember.

  • Mindset Coaching: Specialised mindfulness training to foster a mindful culture.


The program was rolled out over three weeks with 2-hour sessions.  Participants were encouraged but not mandatory, ensuring a pressure-free environment.


After three weeks E G Carter and Co Ltd’s course participants reported significant improvements:

  • High overall satisfaction: 90% of participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the training event.

  • Enhanced road safety knowledge: 85% reported improved understanding of speed limits and road safety.

  • Increased interest in mindfulness: 70% of participants showed a new or increased interest in mindfulness techniques.

  • Valuable takeaways: Common takeaways included stress management, the importance of taking personal time, and the 90-second pause technique for better reaction control.


Thanks to The Calm Side's Driver Development and Wellbeing program, E G Carter and Co Ltd's staff experienced a significant transformation in both their knowledge of traffic rules and regulations and their overall well-being awareness. The success achieved at Carters is a testament to the efficacy of mindfulness in high-pressure industries and among those who drive as part of their work, demonstrating the potential for this approach to transform workplace culture.

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