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This book is a blend of ancient Buddhist practices and modern neuroscience. It's all about how mindfulness and meditation can actually change your brain to boost happiness, love, and wisdom.

The book breaks down into four parts. First, it talks about how you can train your brain to be happier. Then, it dives into the science of how being kind and connected with others affects your brain. The third part is about getting wiser through mindfulness and self-awareness. Finally, the authors wrap it up with some practical tips and exercises to put all this theory into action.

What's great about "Buddha's Brain" is how it takes these complex brainy topics and makes them super understandable and relatable. It's like a bridge between science and spirituality, showing that there's real science behind the benefits of mindfulness. It's a good read for anyone curious about how a bit of meditation and mindfulness can make a big difference in their life.

"Buddha's Brain" by Rick Hanson with Richard Mendius

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