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Meet our Founder:

San Harper

At the heart of The Calm Side is our founder, San Harper, whose rich journey in mindfulness is as inspiring as it is diverse. A qualified driving instructor for 20 years and a videographer for 11, San's path to becoming a BAMBA Accredited mindfulness and compassion teacher is a story of passion meeting purpose.

San's professional life began as a driving instructor, teaching with patience and precision. Her parallel career in videography added a creative dimension to her work, keenly observing and documenting real-life moments. These experiences laid the groundwork for her mindfulness journey, blending focus, creativity, and empathy.

Driven by a personal passion for mindfulness, San transformed her interest into expertise, training as a mindfulness coach six years ago. Initially focusing on teaching mindfulness to driving instructors, she used mindfulness to tackle the unique challenges of the profession, enhancing focus and reducing stress.

San's insights and expertise have been widely recognised. Her articles and blogs have been featured by the DVSA and Brake Charity, and she has written regular features for the Driving Instructors Association, Intelligent Instructor, and KIT Mag.  Additionally, her insights are shared regularly on The Instructor Podcast. San has also shared her knowledge and experiences at notable industry events, including the ADINJC Intelligent Instructor Show and the DIA Instructor Conference, further establishing her as a thought leader in the field.


Achieving BAMBA Accreditation was a pivotal moment, marking San's commitment to excellence in mindfulness teaching. Now, her expertise extends beyond driving instructors to corporate teams and individuals, offering a unique perspective that's both relatable and transformative.

The Calm Side isn't just a training platform; it's a reflection of San's journey and dedication to making mindfulness accessible to all. Her approach is authentic, compassionate, and deeply rooted in understanding the human mind. Join us and experience the transformative power of mindfulness under San Harper's expert guidance.

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