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Active Gloucestershire have successfully completed an 8-week course on Mindfulness and Compassion, which has received excellent feedback. The course offers valuable insights into enhancing communication skills, reducing stress, and promoting emotional intelligence. Participants can learn how to better comprehend their own and others' behaviour, fostering self-compassion and compassion towards others.

Active Gloucestershire

Explore how our specialised online Mindfulness and Compassion programs have empowered Driving Instructors and Road Safety Advocates across the world to manage stress, enhance focus, and improve their teaching methods.

Read our case study to see the transformative impact of mindfulness tailored for the unique challenges faced by driving professionals.

Approved Driving Instructors

Discover how we revolutionised driver development and wellbeing training at E G Carter & Co Ltd, a leading construction company in South of England.

Our tailored program led to remarkable improvements in driver knowledge, attitudes towards road risk, awareness of physical and emotional responses to stress, and ways to cope with it.

Read our latest case study to see the transformative power of mindfulness in action and how it can benefit your organisation.

E G Carter & Co

Hoya Visioncare's Mindful Light Course effectively introduced mindfulness practices to its Marketing and Commercial Excellence Teams. This 8-week program led to significant improvements in participants' understanding and application of mindfulness, fostering a more mindful and resilient workplace culture.

Hoya Visioncare

Success Stories:

Our Impact in Action

Dive into our collection of inspiring case studies, where the transformative power of mindfulness comes to life. These real-world success stories from both individuals and organisations highlight the profound impact of our mindfulness and compassion training. From enhanced focus and emotional intelligence to improved well-being and productivity, discover how The Calm Side is making a tangible difference in lives and workplaces.

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