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Hoya Visioncare

Hoya, a leading global med-tech company, recognised the need for enhancing mental and emotional well-being in its workplace. With a diverse team engaged in high-tech and medical product development, the challenge was to integrate mindfulness into their professional and personal lives effectively.

Hoya Visioncare

The Mindful Light Course, an 8-week program, was introduced to Hoya’s teams. It focused on practical mindfulness techniques and theoretical understanding. The course included guided meditations, practical exercises like Photography for Wellbeing, and interactive sessions to ensure comprehensive learning.

Post-course feedback from participants indicated a substantial increase in mindfulness knowledge, shifting from fair to very good or excellent. The course structure and content received positive reviews for being clear, well-organised, and allowing full participation. Most participants expressed a willingness to recommend the course to peers and showed interest in continuing mindfulness practices.

Hoya Visioncare

The Mindful Light Course successfully met its objective of integrating mindfulness into the daily lives of Hoya’s staff. The program not only enhanced participants' mindfulness skills but also could contribute to creating a more mindful, resilient, and compassionate work environment. The course's practical and accessible approach made it a valuable tool for personal and professional development.

"Sandra is a wonderful facilitator. She connected with each student and encouraged participation throughout the course. The sessions were not only enjoyable but also immensely beneficial. Thank you, Sandra, for this enlightening experience." - Course Participant

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